24.7 Real Estate Front Desk

Save time and money with a Real Estate Front Desk System

With Clientime managing your Front Desk, your agents and assistants will now have more time to cater to the needs of your clients.

Capture More Leads. Confirm More Viewings. Close More Deals! 

We Talk the Talk

Training our Front-Desk Specialists the "ins and outs" of real estate industry was the best thing we ever did. Just ask the showing and listing agents that communicate through Clientime everyday. Outsource Your Appointment Desk with Clientime and you'll soon wonder how you ever did it without us.

Time is Money

Freeing up time for your assistants and agents is our reason for being. And we understand that capturing more leads, confirming more viewings and closing more deals, is where you want to be. You decide when you require our receptionists, leaving you free to manage your time, while you grow your real estate business, and enjoy more time doing the things you love.

Our web-based Front Desk Management system is easy-to-use and can be managed anytime, from anywhere

If you're connected to the Internet, you're just a few clicks away from accessing your Clientime Front Desk Management account, where you can quickly and easily update your Listings and Agents in real time.

Features of our unique Real Estate Front Desk solution:

Office Access

Office Administrator can Add/Edit Agents and Listings, Send Text Messages and Emails and Confirm Appointments via Telephone or Email.

Agent Access

Agents can View Appointment and Message Records, Update Profile Settings and Add/Edit their Listings.

Seller Access

The Seller can Automatically Confirm Showings via email/text, view Appointment Records, view Showing Feedback and send/receive Documents from their Listing Agent.

Easy Access and Trained Receptionists

It's everything you want in a Front desk - without the Front Desk.

The Clientime system will save you Time and Money. There is no need for time-consuming software installation and training; or expensive maintenance and upgrades, our system is efficient and capable. With built-in scalability, we give you room to grow, without extra upfront costs. Making it all work, our knowledgeable Front-Desk Specialists will take detailed messages, capture your leads and respond promptly to your customers.

Enjoy more free time with our Appointment Desk that confirms all the viewings on your listings, via telephone or email. With our web-based Front Desk Management system, it's that easy.

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