Seamless Online Real Estate Receptionists to Confirm your Appointment Requests 24.7

Time critical online response for all the appointments on your listings, supported by our Real Estate Receptionists, after your staff leave for the day.

Imagine how impressed your Listing Agents will be when they can know their request appointments both online and via telephone, will be confirmed on time! You provide us with access to your information and the showing instructions to follow, and our Front Desk Specialists will take it from there. How seamless is that?

With around-the-clock services, you can sleep soundly while your business has a live receptionists greeting callers and booking all Showings. How’s that for service?

Real Estate Receptionists That Fit Your Business Needs

With our live, scalable response your customer contact needs are covered, during the slow times – as well as those peak times, where you need extra support to accurately handle customer traffic on your Front Desk. Freeing your time, so you can focus on your core real estate business. It’s our reason for being.

With all this, and the ability to quickly update directions to our team , on your Front Desk system, it’s no wonder companies are using us as a branded and seamless extension of their operations. It’s an affordable solution that fits perfectly with your business needs.

Employ our friendly Receptionists that use all the Real Estate industry-leading Front Desk systems, to expertly respond to telephone and MLS Appointment Requests – 24.7.

It’s that simple…

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