About Us!

It’s All About Time

Time and Money! What we all strive for more of …..

As a Broker

The Clientime system will Save you both! With no need for time-consuming software installation and training; or expensive upgrades, our system is efficient and dependable. With built-in scalability, we give you room to grow, without the extra upfront costs. Making it all work, our knowledgeable Front Desk Specialists will handle your Showing Appointments, while your in-house staff work more efficiently

As an Agent

You will appreciate the effortless transition to Clientime with a thorough, message delivery test and instant listing launch feature. With competent capable Front Desk specialists who know the system, talk the talk, clients and other agents will be impressed with how easy it is to communicate

As a Seller

Staying informed of the activity on your property while you make your way to “sold” is of critical importance. Rest assured you are in good hands with experienced receptionists that understand the processes that are necessary to confirming showings and bringing offers on your property, working for you 24/7

Experience that works for you!

Real world experience is the true value Clientime brings to your agency. As the company’s founder, Judy Reid’s experience as a successful real estate agent and now call center owner has helped her see there was room for improvement in how agencies were doing business. What was created was a complete Front Desk solution that married web-based management software, with a Front Desk staffed with well-trained real estate specialists

Accountable and Transparent

Electronic Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly reports delivered to your email, summarizing how we are performing on your behalf. When it happens that we keep a caller longer than they should, you’ll be the first to know

Environmentally Conscious

Paperless Customer System, Paperless Billing and a Home-based Work Force, are the small contributions we are making towards minimizing carbon emissions and ultimately contributing to a greener planet

Feedback From A Recent Customer Survey

Since our office of 2 office staff became one, answering the phones have been an on-going struggle when you’re just one person and no one to help. Luckily clientime has helped me overcome this obstacle and continues to help our business run smoother.

Clientime does it all from answering the phone, taking messages, making and confirming appointments and following up to my complete satisfaction. I hear of the difficulties that many other brokerages have, mostly larger, big name companies, and smile at the premier service that I and my clients receive.

They know the real estate business and ensure the business model works! There is always room for improvement, however I just don’t know at this time how much better you could be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Clientime?

Capture more leads, confirm more viewings, close more sales.

Clientime has been developed by Real Estate industry specialists. We know from this experience and reaching for that level of excellence in what we do! Our attention to the “front lines”, our receptionists, is the key to our customers success.

How do I keep control of my business if I outsource?

With our state of the art technology, you are in the driver’s seat. We give you a web-based application where you can change instructions and personnel and view all messages in real-time. All your calls are recorded for quality assurance and can be sent to you upon request in a simple wav file. All Call Reports can be emailed to you daily, weekly and/or monthly.

How quickly do you answer my calls?

Our supervisors monitor our call handling every moment of the day. Our average call is answered in less than 18 seconds and 90% of the calls are answered within the first 4 rings.

Are my callers going to experience long hold times?

Our hold time, if any, is minimal. Should an increase in call volume occur without warning, our supervisors and senior management will make answering our clients calls a priority and activate redundancy plans.

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